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Sophie Lafleur

6 weeks Illustration Challenge

"The Imaginarium Art club is a good way to improve your drawing skills. I really like the format of having one video of a lesson by day because it’s not overwhelming at all! Everyday you get a little exercice that takes about 30 minutes to do so you get to draw daily which is a really good thing to improve your skills and it appears more accessible. I also like that it breaks a big project into small tasks which looks less scary!


Émilie is a good mentor, she really knows her stuff! She is friendly and is always there to answer our questions. Watching her draw is soothing but also a really good way to learn! She has a lot of experience in the illustration world so she can guide us in our own process with her knowledge and feedback. I really enjoyed learning her process and skills to make more creative layouts and compositions.


The community and weekly meetings are another great aspect about the Club. It’s fun to have other fellow illustrators to be accountable and post your progress everyday and see theirs! When we meet it’s fun to see everyone’s success and struggles so we can help each other."

Seung-Eun Kang

6 weeks Illustration Challenge

"I haven't worked with colored pencils much, but I really like and admire artists who use them and their drawings.

Meanwhile, I saw Emily's Imaginarium art club challenge on Instagram and applied. It was my first time joining a challenge like this, so I was kinda afraid to do it, but it turned out to be the best decision of the last year.


You can watch Emily's short video every day for six weeks and do the given small tasks. It's simple work that can be completed in 20 minutes, so you can do it without any burden.

Emily generously tells us about her own skills. She also provides small tips (like tracing a drawing to new paper) and a mindset for work.

Thanks to her, I was able to get used to drawing with colored pencils and develop my skills.


It was another pleasure to meet friends who like illustration and talk about it together.

I felt like I was back in school as a student because I could complete a common task and talk to others about it.

I was happy to have the space and people to share with about colored pencil drawings.

Whenever I watched exhibitions or read books, I wanted to share them with the members, so I posted them on the app.


Every week we share our thoughts on the drawings in a zoom meeting.

There was a topic about self-censorship during the last meeting, but I've been thinking a lot about this lately. I want to talk about this part again someday.


The most surprising thing was that Emily drew pictures for all the members during the challenge. These are original drawings! (At first, I thought I could have a scan file.)

And she shared the work process through a video. Watching the video also helped me a lot in my work.

I've been just looking at other artists' amazing works for a long time. However, through this challenge, I started drawing and regained my confidence by working little by little almost every day.

It seems that the next challenge will be even more interesting. I want to continue to participate in this fun challenge."