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Learn illustration without frustration.

Do like members from around the world and follow the programs that will teach you the methods to be productive and consistent for professional results.

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How's your method doing?

Let's build a portrait.

You are a passionate. You need to create and you know you want to see your art in books, zines, or magazines. 

BUT there is a problem. You are lost, you are scared to show your work, and you need a community you can trust so you can gain confidence and motivation!

This is the reason the Imaginarium Art Club was created. To help you be in control of your creations, to trust yourself and your capabilities but mostly, to be proud of yourself!


You are stuck?

◾ You can't finish your projects?

◾ You want to create, but feel stuck?

◾ You have no clue how to make efficient sketchings?

◾ Your illustrations always feel like they are missing something?

◾ You don't know where to begin?

◾You are scared to show your illustrations?

Here's help!

◾ You will learn to sketch efficiently with help of practical examples.

◾ You will learn colour pencil techniques.

◾ You will learn to upgrade your illustrations so they don't feel like simple drawings.

◾ You will learn to manage your time for longer projects.

◾ You will be accountable and complete your illustrations.

◾ You will gain confidence and pride in your work.​

Color Pencils
Art Museum



Follow other members and share your strenght.


Get constructive comments on your projects.


Share your work in a safe enviroment.


Improve your skills by practicing regularly.


Step out of your comfort zone.


Build a portfolio you are proud to share!

Get the help you need.

"[Emilie Leduc] has a lot of experience in the illustration world so she can guide us in our own process with her knowledge and feedback. I really enjoyed learning her process and skills to make more creative layouts and compositions."

-Sophie Lafleur

Let's be friends!
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