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@Tout le monde

Good news! I've managed to register zoom directly onto the app's event :D

The link should be automated on the day's event page for now on👍

Don't forget we have a zoom meeting thursday!

And to accomodate @seung-eun Kang who's on the other side, I pushed the time to 21h EST(thursday) . That makes it 11h KST (friday!) for Seung-Eug....(did I anderstand ok, Seung-Eun??)


The meeting will remain at 19hEST (thursday) / 9hKST (friday) !!


Also, I added December 9th for @Darby Minter (7pmEST) :) For some reason, that week lost it's event settup 🤔

⭐ Tomorow, I was thinking to adress the questions you asked in your challenge's review. If you think of any other questions, maybe you can ask them right here in this post, and we will talk about it :)

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