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Émilie Pépin
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Hi everyone ! I’m so happy to meet you all and be part of this great challenge !

My name is Emilie and I’m a children‘s book illustrator based in Two-Mountains, Quebec. I also wrote a few books, such as Appelez-moi Prince and the Vert Mine series. I am represented by the Bright Agency.

I studied in traditional animation and ended up working as an 2D artist and art director in the video game industry. But I didn’t feel in the right place, illustration was really what I loved the most. So, after 10 years in the industry, I decided, with the help of my partner, to become a freelance illustrator ! I have been doing books since 2015 and I am so happy !

I mostly work with Photoshop, but I would like to integrate some traditional aspects to my illustrations, like color pencils. I also wanted to make my drawings more personal, more poetic. My style is currently really cartoonish, which is working great for the humorous stories that I illustrate, but I would like to explore some deeper subjects. I also want to better my compositions and color palettes.

I cannot wait to discuss with you all about art, its wonders and challenges !

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