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Hi everyone! I thought I’d show you what I am currently working on because I think the step I am in is relevant for most of you. So for context, I was approached to make this book last month and the deadline is mid-June…so pretty short notice. I made the sketches within about 2 weeks and now I started the final images. For time reason, I decided to use procreate sonI don’t have to deal with scanning and cleaning… But this is where I think it’s relevant; even if it’s digital, I still use the same method I would with real pencils. I apply the layers one at a time, using a pen brush, and work broad first until I sharpen with all the details.

You can see that I applied the first layer on all of them, and I started to add a second layer up to p 13-14. Working on all of them at the same time is a great way to ensure they are more uniforme than if I work them separately. Especially in this instance because I’am really short on time.


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