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I’ll anwser Darby’s question here so it may help everyone:

Hints to be more precise on details. There are a few things: First, the type of paper you are using will influence the precision of the render; A smoother paper is easier to make very small details because you won‘t have to deal with the dents grainy paper has.

Then you of course have to sharpen your tip; What I do is, I « aim » for the grain dents and slowly fill them. It takes time, but in my opinion it’s worth it :) Also, don’t try to fill them in on passage. The many layers you put, will slowly give precision to your image. Imagine you are building a very out-of-focus photo and with time, it gets more pixel-sharp, with the layers you add.

If I try to make a super sharp illustration, and know I will blend it later, I perhaps wont put as many details in the layering process. That is because I know they will get a little bit lost during the blending process. But. I also know I will come back over the blended part and add some more details - the paper now smoother because of the pressure will alow details to be put more precisely.

And for the sharpener, I personally use an electric one. not because it breaks less, but because the process is more rapid ;) Honnestly, there must be a magical tool out there, but prismacolor tend to break more frequently then other brands. And within Prismacolor colours, they even have different core strengths. Some colors never break, and other seem to only do so… I find Fabre Castel last longer in terms of « core breaking » and also the speed they wear.

I remember at one point I searched on YouTube for that exact question, and a lady talked about a steadler sharpener, I will try to find the model name. She also explained that we use the wrong hand to sharpen our pencils. She said we should switch hands - if I am right handed, then I houle hold the sharpener in my right hand, and not the pencil. She claimed that this reduced the shock on the core when we make the rotations… I honnestly have no idea if this is true ;) but feel free to test it! ;)

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