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I have to share something I realized kinda the hard way...

The last book I worked on was very big in format and sort of complicated because it had multiple moods in it, so I ended up making it in Procreate for fear of having many modifications (that was a wise choice, but that's another topic)

The fact is, altho Procreate mimics pencils very well, it only works with RGB colors. I thought this wouldn't be a big deal because I constantly convert my scans to CMYK. Well, it turned out very difficult to convert this color profile and now I have a lot of last-minute modifications and tweaks of colors to make on 20 spread pages because it all looks dull...

I'm not sure what the solution is because it's the first time I face this specific Procreate issue...but I will have to look into it.

The other app I was using before (Concepts) did not have this problem. I think the color palette was more "print-safe"...

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