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Darby Minter
6 weeks challenge

Day 13! I'm still working on yesterday's drawing, but needed to take a break. So I thought I'd do today's assignment and share my idea :)

I recently learned about the superstition of "make sure you crush up your eggshells after eating an egg, otherwise witches will use them as boats and cause great harm!" There's a poem that goes with it too... I thought it was silly, and would like to do a piece on that.

I figured it could break into three possible scenes:

  1. Someone eating an egg and not cracking the shells 😮

  2. A witch stealing the egg shells (in my head this is a very small witch)

  3. A witch in her eggshell boat in the ocean on a stormy day commanding a sea monster

Which means I could do three small drawings, but it might be nice to just focus on one very detailed drawing for now? I think all of these scenes have the potential to fill space at larger sizes.

I'm also notorious for starting things but not finishing them, I don't know if that means one or three drawings is better for me. Help!

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