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Sophie Lafleur
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Hello again! I just realized that I never presented myself like I was supposed to do on the first assignment! So here I go. My name is Sophie and I live in Montreal. I’m a graphic designer and I work in a marketing agency. I studied graphic design at UQÀM and that’s where I met Emilie Leduc!

There were some illustration classes in the program but I never thought that I could do that as a job! I’ve always liked to draw but I thought that being an illustrator was only for a few people, the most skilled artists, the luckiest ones and the ones that had connections with people in the industry!

A few years after university I started drawing more for fun and also for my job; I would do little illustrations for design projects and people seemed to like them. Then I took a comic book creation class so I draw my own mini graphic novel story and really liked it!

Fast forward to today: every time I need illustrations for a project at my job I will do it myself! I had so much fun doing the illustrations for our agency’s beers but it was only small batches to promote our work; there are not for sale, we give them to clients as gift to promote our work. I would like to do more professional illustration projects but I’m really scared to go freelance and do all the administration work! Also I know nothing about how much money to ask and stuff like that!

Anyway I decided to do the challenge to have an extra motivation to draw everyday, learn new skills and meet other people like me! I would also like to « find my style » because I feel like I know how to draw but I don’t really have a style. In the future I would like to do my own graphic novel. I’ve had an idea since the comic book class I did a few years ago but I always put it off!

I guess that’s enough about me, I’m sorry for the wall of text! I guess it was kind of therapeutic!

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