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Learn illustration without frustration.

Programs created with children's books in mind!

Put in place to give an extra boost to members, programs are available in the Membership+.

Practice various techniques essentials to master colour pencils, learn to sketch efficiently with the help of practical examples and demonstrations, and get better at managing your projects and your time!

Seung-Eun Kang

"It was my first time joining a challenge like this, so I was kinda afraid to do it, but it turned out to be the best decision of the last year."

Émilie Pépin

"I highly recommend this course whether you are a beginner or a professional artist."

Julie B. Savard

"This workshop was exactly what I needed, I absolutely recommend it, no matter your level; the challenges are made in a way that can be adapted to your strengths and weaknesses."

Darby Minter

"Imaginarium Art Club was the perfect space to help me pursue this dream!"

Sophie Lafleur

"The Imaginarium Art club is a good way to improve your drawing skills. I really like the format of having one video of a lesson by day because it’s not overwhelming at all!"



Colour Pencil 101

Learn the basics of colour pencils with 10 practical steps and demonstrations.


You will combine observation drawing and abstraction while practicing new skills and techniques such as layering, blending, scratching, blending on white, and blurring effects.

What are the 10 steps?​

1- Foundation

2- Layering 1

3- Layering 2

4- Blending 1

5- Blending 2

6- Recapitulation

7- Make it blurry

8- Scratching tools

9- Mixing techniques

10- Additionnal information



Learn a method to make illustrations using colour pencils, from A to Z without getting stuck in the process.

During this program, you will learn how to manage a project from beginning to end to become productive and consistent in your portfolio. 

What are the 15 steps?

1- Find your idea

2- Composition

3- Contrasts

4- Mouvment

5- Perspective

6- Element of surprise

7- Make your final sketch

8- Colour palette

9- Making a test

10- Transfering techniques

11- Organize your time

12- First layer

13- Second layer

14- Adjustments and blending

15- Final details