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Congrats on taking your first step!

Changing is hard, I know!

"The Imaginarium Art club is a good way to improve your drawing skills. I really like the format of having one video of a lesson by day because it’s not overwhelming at all!"
-Sophie Lafleur

What are you looking to improve?

Arise Art Path

Challenge Program


Difficulty: ◼◻◻◻
Duration: 6 weeks
Theme: Choose your subject!
Result: 1 medium illustration

  • Direct coaching

  • Color pencil technique

  • ​Method A to Z

  • No art-block sketching

  • Color testing strategy

  • Tips and tricks


Challenge Program


Difficulty: ◼◼◻◻
Duration: 4 weeks
Theme: Based on a dream
Result: 3 small illustrations

  • Direct coaching

  • Improve your storytelling skills

  • Learn to manage your time

  • ​Method A to Z

  • No art-block sketching

  • Color testing strategy

Master Pack

Challenge Program


Difficulty: Mixed
Duration: 10 weeks

Do both challenges with a discount!

Learn new techniques while perfecting and pushing yourself to sharpen your illustration skills! 

  • 70 instruction videos

  • Make 4 illustrations

  • Free commission original art!

Disscussion Groups

Challenge Programs

Flash Challenges

Find that motivation


Long term habits

"It was my first time joining a challenge like this, so I was kinda afraid to do it, but it turned out to be the best decision of the last year.

Through this challenge, I started drawing and regained my confidence by working little by little almost every day."

-Seung-Eun Kang

Ancre 1

The Imaginarium Art Club's Color Pencil 101

This is a PDF booklet developed as a memory aid for Color pencil artists and it is a gift for you!

Join the challenge!


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