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"I can't wait to see what everyone continues to make as the Art Club expands its resources and challenges. Thank you Emilie for helping me find my creative spark for colored pencils!"
-Darby Minter

Storytelling Challenge


Give life to your dreams!

Lost in a medieval castel?

Flying over the ocean?

Make a illustrative serie and sharpen your storytelling skills while learning how to better manage your production time.


*It is recommanded to be confortable with color pencil basic techniques to follow this program (although not an obligation).

The 6-week Arise Art Path challenge is the perfect introduction.




Plan and visualize what you have in mind. Keep a journal to track your progress and thoughts.



Manage your time

You need a method to manage your time when you are working on multiple images.


This one is yet simple and efficient!




Have a method to sketch efficiently within the time you have. Make smart decisions to make images in a series fit together.





This is where all your previous efforts pay off!

In the final 12 days, you will put all that you have learned on paper and see your dream come to life!



Add colors

You will learn the proper way to decide and test a palette so that you have everything set for the final work. 

PXL_20220126_191022544 (1).jpg


Be proud!

You not only made a new great piece for your portfolio, but you gained confidence and self-estime while making it!

You now have a great method to be able to fly and make all the illustrations you want! Long term goal, check! :)

Feel all this might be overwhelming?

Worry not!

  1. Direct coaching is available by email, chat, or zoom!

  2. In the 28 videos, you will have a small, bite-sized homework that takes between 30-60 mins to do.

  3. You then post your progress on the group and get comments and encouragments.

  4. The point to have a community with you is mainly to keep you motivated and accountable for your everyday art work.

  5. There are also ressource page, video demonstration and the discussion group if you need the extra help!

"The Imaginarium Art club is a good way to improve your drawing skills (...) I like that it breaks a big project into small tasks which looks less scary!"
-Sophie Lafleur

WV 07  b.jpg

Q & A


What will I get when I buy the 6 week illustration challenge?

  • Color Pencil 101 - PDF booklet

  • A supportive community of fellow passionates

  • Direct coaching - email, chat or zoom when possible

  • Access to material guide ressources

  • Imaginarium Art Club's member enamel pin

  • Life time membership! ($60 CAD value - for a limited time

  • Discounts on the next challenges!

  • Discounts on the custom art commission!

Do I have to be a very good at drawing to make it?

This challenge does not cover the basic color pencil techniques. It is recommended to make the 6 weeks Arise Art Path first as this one will teach you what you need to know!

When does it start?

You start whenever you want and go at your own pace!

Although the challenge is set on 28 days to keep you motivated and happens.

If you get a work rush, a big exam at school, or a cold; just take a short break and come back! No club police will come and get you ;)