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Stop the art block!

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Let's build a portrait.

You are a passionate.


You need to create and you know you want to see your art in books, zines, or magazines. 

BUT there is a problem.

You are lost, you are scared to show your work, and you need a community you can trust so you can gain confidence and motivation!

This is the reason the Imaginarium Art Club was created. To help you be in control of your creations, to trust yourself and your capabilities but mostly, to be proud of yourself!


Start to progress right now!

Membership inclusions:

  1. A combo of the first two programs! (Color pencil 101 & Imaginarium)

  2. A sweet enamel pin!

  3. The Imaginarium Art Club's Color Pencil 101 PDF booklet.

  4. Demonstration videos to learn.

  5. Discussion groups to get inspired.

  6. Flash challenges to push yourself.

  7. Resource page to explore.

  8. Direct help when you need it.

  9. Decision over the next Programs.

  10. A community of fellow passionate that want to see your progress and will encourage you to reach your goals!