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Perfecting your illustration skills shouldn't give you
cold sweats.

THE method you need

to create great illustrations from A to Z

You're ambitious and you're excited to set your work habits up for success. The Arise Art Path works well as a framework because it guides you from start to finish while maintaining focus on what's really important—reaching your long-term goals!

Grab your free booklet!


"This was the stress-free community I needed to be able to grow my skills at my own pace."

-Darby Minter

Why people join?


Arise Art Path

Offering aspiring illustrators a way to develop healthy work habits over 6 weeks and set themselves up for long-term success by learning new skills and strategies they can apply immediately into their creative process.


  • 42 instructional videos following the Arise Art Path method

  • 42 Daily bite-sized home-works (30-45 mins daily)

  • Learn various color pencil techniques

  • ​Method A to Z

  • No art-block sketching

  • Color testing strategy

  • Tips and tricks


You will produce 1 original color pencil illustration to add to your portfolio

Meet the Challenges

Illustration is a tough business. Take your art to the next level without having any of those pesky worries of not knowing what step to do next.


The Arise Art Path and Dreamland will give you all of the tools you need to make yourself stand out as an artist and as a professional illustrator as well (While also making friends along the way)

All challenge members get:

  • Color Pencil 101 - PDF booklet

  • A supportive community of fellow passionates

  • Direct coaching!

  • Access to material guide ressources

  • Imaginarium Art Club's member enamel pin

  • Lifetime membership included! ($60 CAD value) 

  • Choose your starting day and go at your own pace!

During the challenge, you will:

  • Learn a method to be productive and consistent for long-term results

  • Learn to sketch efficiently with the help of  practical examples

  • Learn various color pencil techniques

  • Gain great long-term work habits

  • Gain motivation through accountability

  • Be part of a motivated color pencil community, to discuss, share and comment.



4 week-long illustration challenge design to help you construct a small series of 3 illustrations based on a dream. These will make a great addition to your portfolio! 


The challenge focuses on perfecting storytelling. This is the perfect opportunity for aspiring children's book illustrators


  • 28 instructional videos following the Arise Art Path method

  • 28 Daily bite-sized home-works (30-45 mins daily)

  • Improve your storytelling skills

  • Learn to manage your time

  • ​Method A to Z

  • No art-block sketching

  • Color testing strategy


You will produce a serie of 3 color pencil illustrations to add to your portfolio




"It was my first time joining a challenge like this, so I was kinda afraid to do it, but it turned out to be the best decision of the last year."




"I highly recommend this course whether you are a beginner or a professional artist."


Julie B.


"This workshop was exactly what I needed, I absolutely recommend it, no matter your level; the challenges are made in a way that can be adapted to your strengths and weaknesses."




"Imaginarium Art Club was the perfect space to help me pursue this dream!"




"The Imaginarium Art club is a good way to improve your drawing skills. I really like the format of having one video of a lesson by day because it’s not overwhelming at all!"

Who is Emilie Leduc

"[Emilie] has a lot of experience in the illustration world so she can guide us in our own process with her knowledge and feedback.
I really enjoyed learning her process and skills to make more creative layouts and compositions."

-Sophie Lafleur


What can I help you with?

Are you thrilled to start this adventure?! Admit it, it's a little scary, but exciting nontheless!

Worry not! You will be helped all the way and you will be so happy you jumped all in  :)

Do you know how much I wish I had this program available when I was trying to start in the industry! Well, spoiler. A-LOT. 

So tell me, what aspects of you as an artist will you be the happiest to get the better of?


Because we really want to help fellow artists,
fill out this form and you will recieve:

The Imaginarium Art Club's
Color Pencil 101

This is a PDF booklet developed as memory aid for Color pencil artists and it is a gift for you :)
(yes, free!)

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