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"The daily short videos helped break a work process and drawing techniques down in a way that was approachable and easy to understand."
-Darby Minter

The Arise Art Path

The 6 weeks Illustration Challenge

A to Z

You're ambitious and you're excited to set your work habits up for success. The Arise Art Path works well as a framework because it guides you from start to finish while maintaining focus on what's really important—reaching your long-term goals!


Start at the base

Observation is a key element in drawing exercises. In the first two weeks, you will practice with guided steps, while focusing on the importance of the shapes you see.

Then you will learn and put to practice the essential color pencil techniques. Layering, blending, paper, solvants...All you need to know to be in control.

Your project

Choose whatever subject you want for this project. By the end of week two, your idea must be set!

Add technique


Be creative

I bet you have experienced the art block before. Having a great idea in your head and not being able to translate it on paper? 

Yeah, not anymore. 

You will spend a week, using these guided steps to achieve the best sketch there is!

You will learn the proper way to decide and test a palette so that you have everything set for the final work. No chromatic circles here (unless you need help!)

Add colors




This is where all your previous efforts pay off! In the final two weeks, you will put all you have learned and see your final illustration come to life while learning tips along the way!

You not only made a new great piece for your portfolio, but you gained confidence and self-estime while making it!

You now have a great method to be able to fly and make all the illustrations you want!

Long term goal, check! :)

Be proud!


Feel all this might be overwhelming?

Worry not!

  1. Direct coaching is available by email, chat, or zoom!

  2. In the 42 videos, you will have a small, bite-sized homework that takes between 30-60 mins to do.

  3. You then post your progress on the group and get comments and encouragments.

  4. The point to have a community with you is mainly to keep you motivated and accountable for your everyday art work.

  5. There are also ressource page, video demonstration and the discussion group if you need the extra help!

"I'm in no way a professional illustrator so I was afraid I couldn't not follow the group, but Émilie shared her knowledge through concise and clear demonstrations, making it simple to follow step by steps."
-Julie B. Savard

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Q & A


What will I get when I buy the 6 week illustration challenge?

  • Color Pencil 101 - PDF booklet

  • A supportive community of fellow passionates

  • Direct coaching - email, chat or zoom when possible

  • Access to material guide ressources

  • Imaginarium Art Club's member enamel pin

  • Life time membership! ($60 CAD value - for a limited time

  • Discounts on the next challenges!

Do I have to be a very good at drawing to make it?

Although it helps, this program is made for all. The main difference is the time you will take to complete every step. A higher skilled artist will do it in about 30 mins and a beginner might use all the 60 mins.

When does it start?

You start whenever you want and go at your own pace!

Although the challenge is set on 42 days to keep you motivated and happens.

If you get a work rush, a big exam at school, or a cold; just take a short break and come back! No club police will come and get you ;) 

Do I need art supplies?

Yes, you will need to have a variety of artist-grade color pencils and paper. If you need examples of brands, we can provide you with a list.

How does the progress work?

The 42 days are presented in small videos around 5 to 10 minutes long. To progress, you have to check every step on the Club's app or the website. When you are all done and happy with your final step, you are awarded the 6 weeks challenger's badge!

Who presents the 42 videos?

Emilie Leduc is an illustrator based in Montréal, Canada. She founded the club to help aspiring illustrators find a work strategy and to have a nourishing art community. 

She has completed a Bachelor’s of Graphic Design at the University of Québec at Montréal (UQAM) in 2010 and received her college diploma in Animation from the Cégep du Vieux Montréal in 2005. She worked as a computer graphics designer, in-betweener, and animation artist on several television series.

Since 2009, she has published 12 children's illustrated books for which she received various distinctions, namely a Governor General’s Literary Awards finalist, 3x3 International Illustration Show Merit, and Honorable Mention, Pépite du Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse en Seine-Saint-Denis finalist.

Disscussion Groups

Be confident

Learn techniques

Find that motivation


Long term habits

Sounds exciting right?!

I put a lot of time and effort into building these programs. I want to make sure that people applying are serious and doing this for the right reason.

The Challenge Programs last 6 weeks. You will have access to a huge amount of information, tips, training and direct coaching.

Please apply only if you are serious in your efforts to improve your art!

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